Formula SAE Aero Package Capstone Project

Screenshot of the finished design

My final project as a bachelors student was designing an aero package for the UNR Formula SAE team to use in competition in 2022. An aero package is the collection of all aerodynamic elements on a vehicle, in this case including the front and rear wings, body, side skirts, and diffuser. In this project, I led a team of five engineers by setting deadlines, assigning tasks, and compiling and editing formal documents for submission as well as taking part in all steps of the engineering process. For more information about the project, check out the poster below

Lunar Habitat Design Project

Diagram of our final selected design

In this project, I led a team of five engineers to design the most practical lunar habitat possible. As a part of the design process, I had each team member design what they believed to be their ideal lunar habitat. Here are some diagrams of my design:

The shell of my habitat design was designed purposefully to fit within the payload of the SpaceX Starship. It would theoretically support 4 inhabitants for multiple months at a time without any supply deliveries.

Below you can read about our design process.